3.2 Challenge Contestants, thank you for your continued patience as we are developing the details for the live event. We have an initial release of a Raspberry Pi image file with usage instructions available for download.





We will be releasing subsequent versions that will automate some more of these processes, but this image can be used to test data transfers between the Pi and UE’s.


This is currently a console-only version of the Raspian 11 Operating System. You can manage the Pi by attaching a keyboard and monitor directly to the Pi, but it can also run “headless”. In either case, after booting, you can attach a wired device to the ethernet port or wireless network device to the Pi’s local Wi-Fi network. These devices need to be set for DHCP and will be assigned an IP address by the Raspberry Pi. Any device attached to the Pi’s network can ssh to the Pi if needed. We are still working out details for the Apple iOS iPerf support. For the time being, only instructions for testing with Android UE’s are included.


We recommend that you first test UE devices first by directly attaching to the Pi’s Wi-Fi network before connecting through your data network. If your data network needs to attach to the Pi by some method other than the built in ethernet or Wi-Fi (i.e. via a USB to network adapter), please contact us as the image will need to be updated to support this.


Additionally, to help us facilitate our planning of the live event to ensure that we showcase/test your solutions in the best possible configuration, can you provide answers to the following questions? If unsure, ranges are acceptable. If unknown at this point, please let us know that you are still implementing the solution, but would like to include estimates with your video submission.


  • What is the maximum distance that you can transfer data with a UE across open space?

  • What is the maximum distance that you can transfer data with a UE through some foliage?

  • What is the maximum transfer rate to that UE across open space?

  • Is your solution’s coverage directional or omni-directional? How much of the 360 degrees from the UAS will signal be available?

  • If known, what is the maximum transfer rate to a UE near the UAS while at the desired altitude?


Please continue to reach out to us with questions or clarifications on the details on this challenge.