Advance UAS technologies by building and flying UAS designed to extend the capabilities of current generation first responder search and rescue (SAR) UAS operations. The goal of this challenge is to build a UAS solution that helps a SAR team locate multiple missing persons more efficiently by improving image detection and enhanced navigation techniques to ‘close the distance’ more quickly.

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Advance UAS technology by building a solution designed to support broadband communications for local and state first responders in the field who need the ability to send and receive  digital information in areas where there is no cellular connectivity. The goal of this challenge is for competitors to innovate cost-effective, robust, and easily deployable solutions to this current technical barrier.

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Advance the cybersecurity of UAS technology to support first responders in their missions. UAS expands public safety's ability to quickly gather critical data from video, cameras, sensors, or peripherals. The goal of this challenge is for competitors to frame their threats and countermeasures concerning the disruption and preservation of UAS navigation and control to prevent mission failure.